maandag 5 september 2011

The Stealing Kind van Daan

I am the stealing kind
I steal everything
Whether it's or loose or fixed
I ‘m bringing it in
For every loss's a win
Your less is my more
The comfort of my sin
The kick I adore

I am the stealing kind
I like to steel stuff
I like the things I find
But I like to play it rough

I'm sure you don't mind my call for fame (I am the stealing kind)
The forced kind of entry is my game (I am the stealing kind)

I am the stealing kind
I mark all my cards
I leave my fingerprints
On the lock to your heart
I like to reposses
All that I haven't got
I like the lonelyness
The black of the night

If it isn't fixed now why don't let go now
Some things are meant to be moved
Why put greed to the proof come dance to a strange groove
The good love's the one you don't pay everyday every way

I am the stealing kind
And I wait to get caught
I am the stealing kind
Cause what I had sucked
Cause I broke your heart when I forced your door
I got lonely there on the seventh floor

But at least you cared for the stuff in there
You were rich but with a poor heart
The nasty itch will take you forward
If it fits then it's your car
Turn the key

I am the stealing kind
But I won't steal you

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