zaterdag 22 januari 2005

The rough, cool and strange one

Afeglopen tijd heb ik drie verzamel CD's voor mezelf gemaakt. Deze CD's draai ik op het lab. Ik heb al vrij veel CD's samengesteld met daaronder de titels: Beautiful I, II, III en purple haze, blue grass en Purple turtle. Wat op dat moment maar in me opkomt. Hieronder staan de tracklists van de 3 laatste CD's.

The rough one
Placebo 1 Bitter end
The von bondies 2 Crawl through the darkness
Kylie Minogue 3 Slow
The shins 4 Fighting in a sack
Franz Fredinand 5 40 ft
Desert sessions 6 Powdered wig machine
Grant Lee Buffalo 7 Calamity Jane
Tom Barman & Guy van Neuten 8 Le poinconneur des Lilas
Dizzee Rascal 9 Fix up look sharp
The thermals 10 No trivia
The zutons 11 Pressure point
Magnus 12 French movies
Venus in Flames 13 Fearless
Coparck 14 Venus as a boy
Mark Lanegan 15 Clearspot
The veils 16 Lavinia
Ben folds five 17 Selfish, cold and composed
Novastar 18 Rome

The cool one
Walkabouts 1 The train leaves at eight
Interpol 2 Evil
Soulwax 3 NY excuse
The shins 4 Mine’s horse
Goldfrapp 5 Utopia
Jasper Stevelink 6 Sympathy
Alamo race track 7 Short leave
Ozark henry 8 Indian summer
Elbow 9 Ribcage
Thou 10 Nashville
Dogs die in hot cars 11 Pastimes and lifestyles
Spinvis 12 Bagagedrager
Beth Orton 13 Stolen car
P.J. Harvey 14 Who the fuck
Nick Cave and the bad seeds 15 Easy money
Czars 16 Drug
Hooverphonic 17 Vinegar and salt (remix)

The strange one
Gabriel Rios 1 Broad daylight
Diplo 2 Summer’s gonna hurt you
Kirstin Hersh & Michael Stipe 3 Your ghost
Marianne Faithful 4 Last song
Nick Cave and the bad seeds 5 Loverman
U2 6 Numb
TV on the radio 7 Staring at the sun
Snow Patrol 8 Making enemies
Sleepy Jackson 9 Mini skirt
Ozark Henry 10 Free haven
Veils 11 Vicious traditions
Zita Swoon 12 Me & Josie on a Saturday night
Interpol 13 Take you on a cruise
Gisli 14 Worries
Kaizers orchestra 15 Di grind
Radiohead 16 2+2=5
Chemical brothers 17 Galvanize

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